Our Story




noun: addiction; plural noun: addictions

  1. the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.

“Side effects include an increased desire to boss up.”

Based in the heart of Sacramento, CA, Addicted to myself is a community based brand focusing on ‘bossing up,’ through relentless self-love. The brand's founder, Steven Flemons, attributes his love for his city and for his father, who struggled with addiction, as his motivation to create a brand that uplifts the community by emphasizing our ability to inject positivity into the world begins with love for ourselves. As a father of a young daughter, Flemons sets his sights on building an empire that will have an overwhelmingly positive effect on the world that his daughter will eventually traverse. 

The brand's humble beginnings are nothing short of an overnight success story. After having his ‘ah-ha’ moment in his truck as a commercial driver, Flemons reached back into his community to begin his journey, developing strong roots in the process. Flemons, a local with an extensive network built on anchoring strong relationships was met with overnight success after showcasing his product through his social media platforms. Without a significant amount of marketing, ATM became a success, owing much of its praise to its ability to translate into something more than just a few simple words-- it became a triumph of a city underestimated for its centrality; a hidden gem in the valley. ATM is a love letter to the places we call home; signifying our responsibility to uplift ourselves to breathe life into the community and people around us. 

ATM made its mark on the world selling t-shirts but has extended its clothing line to include tank-tops, sweatsuits and soon will feature a children’s clothing line with Flemons daughter leading the movement. 

Addicted to myself is more than the individual-- it is making a lasting impact by sharing that self with the world.